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Penalties You Can Face for Not Paying Child Support

Child support is more than just a financial duty; it’s a vital support system that ensures a child’s welfare. However, life is unpredictable, and sometimes these payments can be neglected. In the state of North Carolina, the repercussions of failing to meet child support payments can be harsh. Our family law attorneys are here to assist you in comprehending these repercussions and finding a solution.

Understanding Your Responsibilities: It’s Not Just About the Numbers

When parents separate, child support becomes a key element of the situation. The sum, decided by a judge or the North Carolina Child Support Services (CSS) program, is not just a figure. It’s a pledge to your child’s well-being. This pledge, once given, must be maintained as long as the support order is active.

The Heavy Consequences of Non-Payment

A parent who neglects to pay the full sum of child support can be deemed in contempt of court by a judge. The longer the parent has neglected to pay support, the more probable they will be deemed in contempt. As per North Carolina child support laws, a parent who fails to pay will not only have to pay the owed child support but may also face repercussions such as:

  • Deduction of wages or income: A portion of the parent’s earnings may be deducted to cover the child support payments.
  • Confiscation of personal and real assets: The parent’s personal and real assets, including their car or house, may be confiscated.
  • Confiscation of insurance settlement: If the parent receives an insurance settlement, it may be confiscated to cover the child support payments.
  • Lien on business or house: A lien may be placed on the parent’s business or house for the owed child support.
  • Revocation of occupational or professional license: The parent may lose their occupational or professional license.
  • Revocation of driver’s license and passport: The parent may lose their driver’s license and passport.
  • Diversion of tax refund: The parent’s tax refund may be diverted to cover the child support payments.
  • Payment of the other parent’s legal fees: The parent may be required to pay the other parent’s legal fees.
  • Criminal Prosecution: The parent may face criminal prosecution.
  • Negative impact on credit report: The parent’s credit report may be negatively affected.
  • Monetary penalties: The parent may be required to pay monetary penalties.
  • Imprisonment: In some cases, the parent may face imprisonment.

Each of these penalties presents its own set of difficulties and can greatly affect the life of the parent who fails to pay. It’s essential to comprehend these potential outcomes and seek legal counsel if you’re having trouble meeting your child support responsibilities.

The Path Forward: Dealing with the Repercussions

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