As North Carolina continues to deal with the repercussions of COVID-19, Patrick, Harper, & Dixon remains committed to providing legal representation while maintaining the health and safety of our clients and employees.

Under the Shelter in Place Order entered by Governor Cooper on March 27, 2020, law firms were categorized as “Essential Services” that can continue to operate, while adhering to the recommended social distancing protocol.

At this time, we remain open and operating on a normal schedule. We are also able to handle client meetings by telephone or video conference. In addition, we can conduct document signings in the parking lot for clients who do not want to come into the office. Although you are NOT legally required to have proof of your appointment in order to travel for an essential service, we are happy to provide a letter confirming your appointment upon request.

We are also taking the following precautions:

Wiping down conference room tables and chairs, after every meeting
Routine cleaning of waiting room furniture, elevator buttons, keypads, light switches, and doorknobs
Removal of magazines and newspapers from waiting rooms
Cleaning Telephones, Copiers, and Computers (including keyboard and mouse)
Disinfecting bathroom handles, knobs, toilet flushers, and press buttons on soap dispensers
Pens are either sanitized between uses or new pens out of the box are provided to the client
In-office meetings occur only in conference rooms which are cleaned regularly throughout the day

*Please understand we will not offer to shake your hand.

*If you are sick or have a sick family member please notify us prior to your appointment so that it can be rescheduled.

*We will ask the questions recommended by the CDC before your appointment or upon arrival to confirm that you do not have any of the factors to place you at risk for COVID-19.

Updated 3/28/2020