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Our commercial real estate practice serves companies large and small by meeting their legal needs in a number of different areas. You may be the party to a real property transaction and want to make sure your interests are protected. Or you may need guidance on the proposed terms of a lease and how best to negotiate your position. Some clients need help understanding how another party’s interests, like an easement, affect their own. Others are interested in securing financing for commercial property projects. We also advise on certain landlord-tenant matters.

No matter what kind of commercial real estate issue you face, having competent legal counsel is a must. Find out why so many clients trust the experienced attorneys of Patrick, Harper & Dixon.

Commercial Real Estate Property Transactions

Buying, selling, and other commercial real property transactions can range from the relatively simple to the intricately complex. There are title searches and deed preparations to take care of, not to mention potential land use issues and restrictions. Your goal in retaining an attorney is to have someone who advocates effectively for you, whether you are the buyer, seller, or party to another type of transaction. But it takes a lawyer with extensive experience handling such matters.

Purchase and sale agreements, for example, tend to be fairly complicated. While you may use a standard form in your transaction, either you or the other party may wish to use a customized purchase and sale agreement. Either way, this document spells out the rights and responsibilities of the respective parties and should be carefully reviewed by a knowledgeable attorney before signing.

We represent commercial clients with such matters as:

Having an attorney is recommended for many of these steps, and may be required for certain ones. For example, unlike many states, North Carolina law requires that an attorney conduct real estate closings. However, because commercial property transactions trigger a number of legal issues and sometimes raise unexpected problems, you should retain a lawyer early in the process.

Commercial Financing And Lending

If you have a large construction project, or you’re considering a significant purchase of commercial property, you will likely need help with financing. The capital you seek could come from a private bank, or it may be part of a government program such as the Small Business Administration. Regardless, your financing and lending needs require knowledgeable input from seasoned legal counsel.

Certain financing projects raise issues beyond the scope of simple commercial transactions. You may need effective legal representation to assist with:

  • Creation of a new business entity
  • Obtaining an ALTA survey
  • Conducting an environmental impact study
  • Due diligence work
  • Meeting the lender’s requirements

Lending and financing matters are important enough that you should partner with an attorney who has prior experience handling them. There are certain risks associated with these arrangements that could affect the long-term viability of your commercial project. That’s where our team comes in.

Commercial Leasing And Landlord-Tenant Matters

An attorney can work with you in negotiating and drafting a commercial lease for your business. This process often begins with a letter of intent, which lays out basic terms that could eventually be transformed into a binding agreement between the parties. Although the letter of intent represents the earliest stage of acquiring a lease, it’s important that the terms are carefully negotiated and drafted to protect your rights.

Landlords and tenants have different needs when it comes to commercial leasing. For instance, as part of the proposed lease, the landlord may agree to make certain improvements to the property for the tenant’s use and benefit. If the landlord agrees to undertake a remodeling, the tenant may need to assume certain responsibilities to protect the landlord’s interest in the property.

On the other hand, the tenant has its own set of concerns. Primarily, the tenant will want to understand its rights and responsibilities with the leased property, including:

  • Rent
  • Taxes
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Insurance
  • The term of the lease
  • Restrictions on the property

Any questions about commercial leasing are best handled by a knowledgeable attorney. We can help with each step of the leasing process and answer any questions you may have.

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These are just some of the matters we’ve helped resolve for the benefit of our commercial real estate clients. We understand both the business objectives you have as well as the concerns for risk and liability that you have to consider. Our goal is to thoroughly understand what you hope to accomplish, or what legal issue you’re faced with, and then get to work for you. Turn to Patrick, Harper & Dixon for all of your commercial real estate needs. Call today to schedule your initial consultation.