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Businesses are increasingly reliant on their intellectual assets to generate value and protect their market positions. Now more than ever, it’s important for companies to take concrete steps to safeguard their trademarks and other forms of intellectual property. Failure to do so could dilute your unique brand and expose your business to competitor exploitation.

The attorneys of Patrick, Harper & Dixon, LLP are leaders in intellectual property law. Our firm also works with copyright holders and assists individuals and companies with licensing and software issues. In addition, we are skilled litigators who are prepared to take legal action to enforce your intellectual property rights.

Trademark Creation And Intellectual Property Enforcement

Our trademark practice includes both transactional and litigation services to develop, create, and protect through court action our clients’ trademarks. This counsel includes:

  • Helping your business select and develop trademarks that will bolster your unique brand
  • Assessment and guidance concerning the risk that a similar or confusing trademark already exists
  • Preparation and application for trademark protection
  • Management of your domestic and international trademark portfolio
  • Explanation of your legal rights concerning usage and protection of your trademark
  • Domain name registration and protection
  • Counsel regarding corporate acquisitions that raise trademark issues

These and other important steps are necessary to lay the proper legal footing to secure your trademark rights. In the event of infringement, whether actual or threatened, our litigation team will assist your business with:

  • Prosecution and defense of oppositions in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
  • Appeals of adverse decisions to the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board
  • Trademark infringement litigation, including unfair competition and false advertising
  • General litigation involving trademark licensing disputes
  • Domain name dispute resolution via the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy and related standards
  • Mediation and alternative dispute resolution

Our trademark practice is comprehensive, so your business will have a trusted ally from the creation of your trademark all the way through litigation and settlement of any disputes that might arise.

Copyright Registration And Protection

Copyright is a broad type of intellectual property that protects original works of authorship. It covers such diverse works as paintings, photographs, music, books, movies, plays, and more. Although works are protected from the moment they become fixed in tangible form, copyright registration establishes a public record of copyrights so they can be enforced. In fact, registration is required to sue for infringement, collect damages, and recover attorney’s fees.

With those objectives in mind, our firm provides the following transactional and litigation services to copyright holders:

  • Preparation and application for copyright registration
  • Advice concerning the nature of your copyright protection
  • Assistance with usage and commercialization of your copyrighted work
  • Help with corporate acquisitions and other transactions that invoke copyright matters
  • Enforcement of copyright infringement claims through litigation
  • Defense of alleged copyright violations

Our goal is to properly register your copyright and take steps to help you understand how to protect and profit from it. However, in the event, someone violates your copyright we are prepared to litigate and demand monetary compensation for any resulting damages.

Intellectual Property Licensing

It is a standard practice among businesses and individuals to not only create and use their own intellectual property but to license the use of it to third parties. Your business may find it advantageous to license its trademarks, copyrights, or other intellectual assets, and we help ensure this is done with an eye towards protecting your rights and interests.

To that end, we help businesses with:

  • Preparation and negotiation of trademark licenses and similar documents
  • Preparation and negotiation of copyright licenses and transfers
  • General counsel concerning intellectual property licenses
  • Litigation of license agreement breaches and other abuses
  • Defense against alleged infringement of others’ licenses

Protection For Software, Website, And Application Developers

One particular area that businesses and individuals need assistance with is protection for their intellectual property rights in software, website creation and design, application development, and other digital and electronic formats. Our team provides both transactional and litigation services in the way of:

  • Development of software licensing agreements for third party users
  • Protection and enforcement of copyrights and trademarks in software, website, application, and other digital content
  • Risk assessment for code developers who use tools, content, and materials from third parties
  • Aggressive protection of domain names to prevent misappropriation and infringement
  • General counsel to avoid the infringement of other individuals’ and companies’ rights
  • Litigation to enforce your rights concerning software and other digital and electronic content

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Intellectual property is too valuable to not protect. It enhances the reputation and recognition of your business and brand while giving you a significant market advantage. But it’s also imperative that any attempt to create intellectual assets doesn’t violate the existing rights of others. Litigation exists to both protect your property and defend against claims that you or your business have engaged in infringement.

No matter the precise needs or concerns that you or your organization face, we’re here to guide you through the complex environment inherent to intellectual property law. Patrick, Harper & Dixon, LLP is committed to providing our clients with the exceptional legal service they deserve. Call us today to get started.