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Our Staff

Diana M. Cline

Firm Manager

Laurie J. Hayden

Corporate & Estate Administration Paralegal

Kathy W. Armstrong


Amy S. Barnes

Real Estate Paralegal

Beverly L. Cook

Paralegal to Eloise D. Bradshaw and Colton M. Sexton

Sherry B. Crouse

Legal Assistant to David W. Hood

Tricia Horn

Legal Assistant to Casey W. Pope and Laurie J. Hayden

Jane S. Huffman

Litigation Paralegal

RosiaLee C. Oder

Legal Assistant to Kimberly H. Whitley

Becky Shaw

Legal Assistant to Michael J. Barnett and Molly Simpson Gross

Dee Dee S. Stilwell

Billing Specialist

Melanie K. Hopper

Legal Assistant to Michael P. Thomas

Betty M. Winstead

Paralegal to Kimberly H. Whitley

Cathy F. Lambert

Firm Accountant

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